RCS is currently in the process of setting up its worldwide sales network. Since we are not yet an established company in the food equipment industry, we do not have a network of dealers and/or distributors in place at this time.

If you are a first time customer and interested to place an order, or become an authorized dealer, please send all inquires to:

by email: gregloibl@stockchiller.com, info@stockchiller.com

by phone: 845-229-4101 (M-F 10am to 6pm EST)

If you are an existing customer and/or already an authorized dealer, please send your order request by email or fax:

by email: orders@revcooling.com

by fax: 845-229-4129

It is strongly recommended to speak with one of our internal or external sales representatives for recommendations of equipment. Our team has placed units in many kitchen facilities around the world with various operational agendas. We can help you decide which equipment will make the most sense for your facility and how to best operate. We can prepare our recommendations and do a financial analysis for your team to review. The following questions will be required for us to prepare recommendations:

1) A list of all liquid food products that require chilling.

2) Amount of each product prepared in a single batch.

3) Number of batches per day.

4) Your current method of chilling.

5) Does the food remain on-site, or transported, or both.

6) Daily through put of each product in item 1.

Please send these inquires to gregloibl@stockchiller.com or your local RCS representative listed below.


Coming Soon:

Dealer Locator

List of Authorized RCS Representatives