All Stock Chiller Units require ice to operate and chill the liquid food. You will need approximately 7 lbs of ice for each gallon of liquid food. It is essential that you have the appropriate amount of ice available to chill the entire batch of product.

1 Gallon of Hot Product = 7lbs of Ice

1 Liter of Hot Product = 1Kg of Ice

It is recommended to take the ice source into consideration when choosing a location for the equipment.

It is also recommended to make sure that you have adequate ice making capacity. The following calculation should be performed.

B – Batch size (gallons or Liters)

N – Number of batches per day

P – Total Daily Production Quantity  P = BxN

ICE – Amount of Ice required per day

ICE = 7 (lbs) x P (gallons/day) –  lbs of Ice per day

ICE – 1 (kg) x (liters/day) – Kgs of Ice per day

It is important to ensure that your cuber head and ice storage bin can produce and hold this amount each day.