The operator will utilize four chilling bays. It takes approximately 2.5 minutes to perform the following tasks:

1)      Retrieve and inspect the 5 Gallon container and gasket for cleanliness.

2)      Fill a 5 Gallon container from the kettle using the floor spout.

3)      Place the 5 Gallon container onto the base to seal the lid properly.

4)      Move the 5 Gallon container to the unit and turn off the chill bay in use.

5)      Remove the chilled container and replace with a hot container.

6)      Turn on the chill bay and load 35 gallons of ice into the unit.


The above tasks will be repeated until all stock is chilled and ready for cold storage. This strategy helps guarantee that the first container being chilled has had sufficient time. Once the final container is loaded into the 4th chilling bay, and the 5th container is prepared for chilling, ample time has passed. RCS recommends that the containers be allowed to chill for 10 minutes and not for the minimum time of 6 minutes. If sufficient ice is used, the final temperature should be well below 38F. This strategy will minimize temperature risk and operator error.


The entire procedure should take about 1 hour with the following notes; 10-15 minutes for preparation, 30-45 minutes for chilling, 10-15 minutes for storage, labeling, and clean-up.



There are two strategies to consider.

Strategy 1: Utilize the stainless steel five gallon containers to store the food. If this is done, it is recommended to purchase an additional 60 container’s. This would be the most sanitary method. A first in first out rotation should be used with a good labeling strategy. 2 Gallon containers can also be purchased for smaller portion sizes.

Strategy 2: Continue using the same storage vessels. After chilling the food product, open the SS containers, take a quick temperature, and then remove the food product and put into the holding vessel. It is strongly recommended to immediately seal the new holding vessel with saran wrap to eliminate contamination. Reuse, the 5 gallon stainless containers for the existing food product to be chilled.

Cold Storage Holding Temperature:

It is recommended to store the chilled product at a holding temperature between 34-36F, and use the food produce within 7-10 days. The shelf life of liquid food products is typically determined by the holding temperature. A 40F holding temperature will yield a 7 day shelf life. A 34-36F holding temperature will yield a 10-14 day shelf life. A 20F holding temperature (below the freezing point), can offer a 30 day shelf life. If containers are stored in very cold environments, please allow 10% expansion volume when liquid turns to a solid.



It is recommended to utilize the stock directly from the 5 Gallon containers. The containers can be re-heated in a hot water bath or with an induction heater. It is not recommended to use a burner for re-heating. It is recommended to reheat the container to 140F with the lid on, and then the lid can be easily removed. This makes it easier for the operator to remove the lid, as the food is still under a vacuum at colder temperatures. The practice of dispensing the stock directly from the container will save time, food wastage, and the additional labor of cleaning the stock pots. This practice is more sanitary and will save money.