Stock Chiller Containers

2 and 5 Gallon Capacity Stock Chiller Containers

Stock Chiller Containers

The Stock Chiller Containers are specifically designed to be used with the stock chiller units. The hot food product is poured into the containers, sealed, chilled, labeled, and placed into cold storage. This process will ensure that the most sanitary measures are being taken with your food. The food can then be re-thermalized inside the container via a steam bath or induction heater and served right from the container.  In fact,  if the same container is used to serve the hot food when needed, you eliminate the use of a secondary stock pot, which will decrease cost. See our production cost analysis page.

Stock Chiller Containers are available in two sizes; 2 Gallon and 5 Gallon.

Stock Chiller Containers Compared

Stock Chiller Containers Compared

Features include:

  • Completely NSF 169 compliant construction
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel body and lid top
  • Threaded lid with a sealing gasket for an airtight seal
  • Folding handle for easy transport and compact storage
  • Interlocking base and lid system for stacking
  • Compatibility with most commercial dishwashers

Reusable Containers that are made of durable 304 stainless steel with food grade polypropylene and a food grade silicone gasket. The containers become your storage and transport system, which will help reduce production costs. The containers can also be used to dispense the hot food product.

Eliminate the need to  continually spend money on bags. The containers will easily pay for themselves in time. Use our production cost calculator to review your costs. Go Green with reusable and recyclable stainless steel containers. Disposable plastic bags harm our planet.

The five gallon containers weigh about 46 lbs when completely filled, which meets the 50 lb safety threshold. If this weight is still too much, less product can be put inside each container, or use the 2 Gallon containers. Daily throughput of your food product should be used to determine the appropriate container size and fill level.

The containers are designed to easily stack and store, and come with a built in handle for easy transport. It is not recommended to stack containers more than four high.

Both the 2 and 5 gallon containers can fit into most commercial dishwashers. See Product Specifications

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